Pre-inking Rubber Stamps – The Latest Trend

Stamps have always played an important role in business. They act as the official seal and are often used to authenticate business documents. Earlier, rubber stamps were mounted on a piece of wood and were known as hand stamps. They used to come with an ink pad and a person had to press the stamp into the ink pad before creating an impression on the page. However, the impression they created were blotchy images which were dark and light without being consistent.

However, the traditional stamp design has been replaced by a pre-inking stamp. It does not come with a separate ink pad rather it has built-in ink which is infused directly into the rubber die. Pre-inked stamps are preferred for the following reasons:

  • Pre-inked stamps are smaller in size and compact in design. Thus, they offer better handling while stamping
  • Oil-based ink is used which accounts for the exceptional quality of the imprints. For this reason, they are known to produce uniform, sharper and cleaner images.
  • The ink is quick drying which can be easily used in a variety of surfaces such as high-gloss paper, glass and plastic surface. The ink is water resistant which makes it easy to stamp on any surface.
  • Businesses can easily get rubber stamps with phrases, Urgent, Confidential, Please visit us again and address. They also have an option to choose custom messages.
  • If you are planning to use the stamps for creative purposes, you can ask the designer to customize the stamp for your business.
  • Pre-inked stamps are extremely easy to refill.

When it comes to refilling the rubber stamp, you should know which ink to use. The best time to refill the stamp is when you start getting faded impressions. Add few drops of the ink and insert the cartridge back in the stamp. Allow it to sit for a while.